Cryptic Cravings (Vampire Kisses Book 8)

Cryptic Cravings
Book 8

Great book.  I love the style here.  The book is not wishy-washing in the least, you would think oh my god, this might have a cheesy ending and the possibility of that is very possible.  I was scared, I mean you have mortal enemies working together, but no, in no way are they friends, which is great.  You can’t have a good story with a wishy-washy ending, not everyone can get a happy ending.  It’s not real.  That’s why I love this book because from the beginning there is no true happy ending for everyone, someone is bound to get heart broken, it’s going to happen.  The writing is real, there is a great deal of character development from around the story.  Raven has developed a lot since the beginning and with her relationship with Alexander there is more development.  That is why I love this book.  It’s not stagnant nor static and Raven is a great  role model for anyone who feels as though they don’t fit in.  I can’t wait to read the final 9th book.  4/5 ★’s and an B+.

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