BioWare planning ‘much more’ Mass Effect 3 DLC

By: Eddie Makuch


Producer Mike Gamble teases additional add-on content for space-bound role-playing game to follow yesterday’s Extended Cut.

Yesterday’s free Extended Cut downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 will not be the final add-on for the space-bound role-playing game. Producer Mike Gamble teased additional content for the game last night through Twitter, saying the developer is planning “much more.”

“Would now be a good time to talk about how we’re doing more DLC in the future? That was a trick question. We’ll save the future DLC for future chats,” he said. “Don’t worry though…there’s much more.”

Previous Mass Effect 3 DLC includes the launch-day From Ashes content, as well as the Resurgence and Rebellion multiplayer packs, which released in April and May, respectively. Mass Effect 3 launched in March to a warm critical reception and sales of 1.3 million in the United States alone.

After Mass Effect 3’s launch, fans cried out over the game’s endings. In April, BioWare officially addressed the situation, saying it would offer free Extended Cut DLC that would bring “deeper insights into how their personal journey concludes,” but offer no new endings. This content is available today for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in most territories, though European PlayStation owners will have to wait until July 4.

Source: GameSpot

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