Oh DragonLance, where are you hiding?


I love the DragonLance novels.  You know the books that are akin to Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering.  Although, if you go into a bookstore nowadays, you wouldn’t believe that they used to be so big.  The DragonLance novels used to span to bookcases.  It used to be the place I would run to when I entered a bookstore.  Science Fiction-Fantasy, yeah, that was my section.  My mom read more of those books that I did, of course they have been alive since the 1980’s and I didn’t start to actually like reading until I was 10, 11.  I’ll ask my mom later.  These were great books, they were imaginative, creative, opened a door to a whole new world where dragons lived, and heroes came from unlikely bunches.  You had Tahkisis, the Dragon Queen, the Queen of Darkness who could, and would turn herself into a five headed dragon of awesomeness.  And then there was her brother, Paladine, the Platinum Dragon, the God of Light, who was always trying to thwart her.

It seemed to me that the day she died, DragonLance began to suffer.  That section of the bookstore, however slowly, began to shrink.  By the time I was 18, the section was so small, it made me want to cry.  Now, I’ll be lucky if I find even 1 DragonLance novel in bookstore.  This was a great doorway into another world.  So what happened?

Apparently Wizards of the Coast did not renew Sovereign’s Licensing agreement.  Sovereign Press is a publisher and distributor of role-playing games.  Sovereign Press is owned, in part, by Margaret Weis who, alongside Tracy Hickman, opened up the world to DragonLance with the DragonLance chronicles.  Weis and Wizards of the Coast were having some legal disputes which may explain much of this.

This saddens me because as I’ve said, I loved the DragonLance novels, so much so that I even wrote my own DragonLance novel.  I think they need to work out their differences and bring back the DragonLance novels.  They were amazing, I mean sure, some where kind of lame and boring, and some were also just plain bad, but out of 190 novels, I think 170 were solid and good.  Have I read 170, nope, but my mom has read more than half and if she has kept those books and urged me to read them, they’ve gotta be good.

I would just like a return of my DragonLance novels and a chance to publish my own.  Is that so much to ask.

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