Mass Effect Trilogy DLC detailed

By: Eddie Makuch


One of the main questions that remained last week when BioWare announced the Mass Effect Trilogy was what gamers could expect in the way of downloadable content. BioWare has now answered that question, revealing offerings for every version of the compilation pack will differ.

As detailed through the game’s website, the PC version of Mass Effect within the Trilogy will include the Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station DLC on-disc.

For Mass Effect 2, the Cerberus Network will be included (this features Zaeed: The Price of Revenge, The Firewalker Pack, Cerberus Assault Gear, Arc Projector weapon, and the Normandy Crash mission). For Mass Effect 3, BioWare has included access to the game’s Online Pass, which unlocks the game’s multiplayer component.

The Xbox 360 version of the Mass Effect Trilogy will not include the original Mass Effect’s Bring Down the Sky or Pinnacle Station DLC. These are available for download via separate purchase through the Xbox Live marketplace for $1 and $5 respectively. Like the PC version, the Mass Effect Trilogy on Xbox 360 includes the Cerberus Network for Mass Effect 2 and Online Pass for Mass Effect 3.

BioWare did not share any details regarding DLC for the PS3 version of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

The Xbox 360 and PC versions of the Mass Effect Trilogy ship on November 6, while the PS3 iteration is coming sometime later. The original Mass Effect will also be made available for individual purchase through the PlayStation Network.

Source: GameSpot

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