Level 5 bringing SUDA51’s Liberation Maiden to Europe

By: Mark Walton


Professor Layton developer Level 5 is bringing three of its previous Japan-only 3DS releases to Europe. Up first is Liberation Maiden, a 3D sci-fi shooter created by SUDA51 that puts players in command of a humanoid robot called Kamui. It’s available to download immediately from the Nintendo 3DS eShop for £7.19.

Following shortly after in November is Aero Porter, a puzzle game created by Seaman creator Yoot Saito. The game sees players sorting colour-coded luggage onto conveyor belts while attempting to avoid mishaps and delays. Players are also able to design their own planes and share them with others.

Finally, tabletop-style RPG Crimson Shroud is hitting the 3DS eShop in December. Designed by Yasumi Matsuno–whose previous works include Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Tactics Ogre–Crimson Shroud is set 1000 years in the past and tells the story of how magic becomes commonplace in the world.

The games were originally released as part of the GUILD01 in Japan, a multi-game pack featuring works by some of the industry’s most respected game creators.

Source: GameSpot

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