Day: 09/10/2012

CCM’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo to debut “second SeeYa” this November

By: someday1214 Core Contents Media‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo is said to have created a “second SeeYa“, who will be debuting this November. Kim Kwang Soo is well-known for discovering talents like Jo Sung Mo, SG Wannabe, and SeeYa, and he has once again lent a helping hand in the creation of a new group made up of 4 female members with strong vocal skills. It has been said that Kim Kwang Soo has combined the charms of SG Wannabe and SeeYa []

Universal Music Group to debut an idol group?

By: pkdance Following Universal Music Group‘s decision to sign with Psy, the label seems to be testing out the waters in South Korea by preparing for the debut of an idol group in South Korea. A music industry insider revealed on the 9th, “Universal Music Group plans to debut an idol group. The multi-talented group will be trained in a wide array of genres from dance, ballads, and even hip hop.” It has also been revealed that Sandy Monteiro, president of Universal []

Jewelry releases video teaser for “Look At Me”

By: carolicity Jewelry has revealed the video teaser for their new track, “Look At Me“! As reported previously, the 4-member girl group will be making a comeback on October 11 with their new mini-album ‘Look At Me‘ after a hiatus of one year and 5 months. They will be opening the way for the October girl-group battle with a song from hit-making producer Shinsadong Tiger that will upgrade their sexy charms to another level. The members have gone through a rigorous diet, []

Ubisoft teases ‘big’ Splinter Cell announcement

By: Eddie Makuch Ubisoft is gearing up to make a “big” Splinter Cell-related announcement. The official Facebook page for Splinter Cell was updated today with a stylized piece of art depicting a portion of what appears to be series protagonist Sam Fisher’s face, and a message beckoning the community to “like” the image to reveal more. No further information is available. In June, it was reported that Ubisoft was in talks with Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures to make a movie out []

Riot addresses issues at League of Legends playoffs

By: Eddie Makuch Riot vice president of eSports Dustin Beck has sounded off on cheating allegations and connection issues that rocked day three of the League of Legends World Playoffs. Writing on the League of Legends forums, Beck called the day “disappointing,” adding that steps are being made to remedy issues moving forward. “In hindsight, the potential visibility of minimap screens for players was a mistake,” Beck wrote. “Despite on-site referees, close monitoring of player cams backstage, and stage design that ensured []

No Zombies mode in Black Ops Declassified

By: Eddie Makuch Next month’s PlayStation Vita game Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified will not have a Zombies mode. The news comes by way of Activision community manager Dan Amrich, who explained on his One of Swords blog that standard multiplayer took priority during development. “That’s the core experience, and that simply needs to come first,” Amrich wrote. “There’s always a list of things you want to do and things you need to do, and at the end of the day, realistic goals []

Wellington, New Zealand To Rename Itself The Middle Of Middle-Earth For The Hobbit Premiere

By: Eric Eisenberg If it weren’t for New Zealand the Lord of the Rings trilogy would have been much worse off. Not only is it the home country of director Peter Jackson, it was the majestic nature of the country’s topography that brought the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth to life. And the series has been a huge boon to New Zealand as well, as many fans travel there to take a journey similar to the one taken by Frodo Baggins. []

Paul Dano Joins Hugh Jackman And Jake Gyllenhaal In Prisoners

By: Eric Eisenberg Paul Dano is moving from the world of time-travel hitmen to a story of vigilante justice. The actor, who very recently appeared alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Jeff Daniels in Rian Johnson’s Looper, has signed on for a part in Prisoners the new film from director Denis Villeneuve. Based on a script by Aaron Guzikowski, the plot follows a man who discovers that his daughter and best friend have been kidnapped. When the cops are unable to find []


I cannot accurately judge this piece of literature.  This is what is considering  as epic poetry.  It’s one of the classics making it very hard to accurately rate it.  But I will discuss how I feel about it.  I over all enjoyed the book, but it is so different than current literature.  There is a lot of repetition and in today’s literature there is taboo against repetition whereas here there is a lot of repetition.  Word for word which makes reading this []

X-Men Producer Lauren Shuler Donner Says She’d Love To See A Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossover

By: Eric Eisenberg No matter how far into its deep catalog of characters Marvel Studios goes, they will always be missing some very key characters. Prior to producing their own movies, the company would sell off the rights to their characters to other studios for a good chunk of cash. That’s how Spider-Man ended up at Sony and the X-Men and Fantastic Four ended up at Twentieth Century Fox (along with other lower level superheroes). Because the rights belong to other studios []