Tetsuya Nomura’s work on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is complete

By: Erren Van Duine

Speaking with Famitsu, Final Fantasy creator Tetsuya Nomura had a brief update to share regarding his role in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII sequel.

Much like the first two games, his involvement is quite minimal. Nomura is handling the main character designs once again which includes Lightning, Hope and now Snow Villiers confirmed for a reappearance.

“For Lightning Returns I created new costumes for Lightning and Snow. My work on the project is already finished,” said Nomura.

In this new title Lightning is “stronger than ever.” However, the team has decided not to reveal her new look just yet. Nomura was told that she’s facing her final battle – her legend is about to end – they want her to be determined and true, and to show what she’s made of. Presumably, her new design will reflect that vision.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due for release some time in 2013.

Source: Sokuhou@Hokanko & Nova Crystallis

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