Ben Stiller Debunks Lady Gaga Zoolander 2 Rumor

By: Katey Rich

Whenever we report news that first emerged in the British tabloids, we make sure to keep things in perspective. Tabloids over there are notorious not just for prying in on the lives of celebrities, but for reporting “scoops” about film productions that turn out not to be remotely true. The stories they cook up are entertaining, which is why we wind up reporting them, but we always keep in mind that they’re very likely to be wrong… which is what happened with the latest juicy rumor that hit just yesterday.

We were intrigued but skeptical when the rumor hit that Lady Gaga could be at the center of a love triangle in the long-promised Zoolander 2. Now Derek Zoolander himself, Ben Stiller, has piped up to crush our dreams on Twitter. Here’s what he had to say:

Stiller clearly has a sense of humor about the whole thing, and should be as accustomed as any major star to hearing complete nonsense about his films on the Internet. But hey, it would help to set the record straight if Stiller could tell us some actual facts about the movie! After all, Zoolander will be making a comeback appearance on the “Night of Too Many StarsTV benefit this weekend– that sounds like a perfect time to announce his reunion with Hansel to me. There hasn’t been any concrete information about the project in years beyond promises from Stiller and Own Wilson that they still wanted it to happen, and while normally we’d say that’s reason to give up, Anchorman 2 managed to pull it off– so why not Zoolander?

At least while we wait, we can start sorting through the rumors quickly by asking Stiller about it on Twitter. Next time one of these wild rumors emerges, we can all just go straight to the source.

Source: Cinema Blend


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