Something Off About Wolverine Claws Image

By: Katey Rich

There’s a lot of interesting news floating out there right now about The Wolverine, which is really exactly what the movie needs right now. It’s technically a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a spinoff that virtually nobody liked despite the presence of the always-great Hugh Jackman. When Darren Aronofsky left the project to work on Noah, it seemed like a stake in the heart of a sequel nobody really wanted, especially with the great X-Men: First Class seeming to put a much fresher spin on this particularly comic universe.

But The Wolverine director James Mangold got out there and dropped some hints about what to expect in the movie, and now the project is seeming a lot more interesting. Today they’ve pulled it off again by releasing a photo to Empire that shows off Wolvy in a cave… but what’s really interesting is the look of his distinctive claws. Take a look below.

The WolverineSo we’ve been told very recently that The Wolverine takes place after all the other X-Men films in the timeline… films in which Wolverine very much had the adamantium claws for which he’s famous. So what gives with these claws that very clearly look like they’re made out of bone? I’d almost say he’d fashioned them out of bones himself to replace missing claws, but they’re definitely growing out of his hands in this photo. So what happened? At one point in the comics Wolverine’s claws turned into bone after the adamantium was ripped out of his body but Magneto… but so far as we know Magneto won’t be in this film. There’s also been a suggestion that the film would include flashbacks, which would explain the claws, but would also mire the movie in the kind of history lesson that opened up the dull X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Feel free to speculate away in the comments, or prepare to ask Mangold about it yourself. He and Jackman are participating in a live chat from the set this Monday.

Source: Cinema Blend


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