Jane Eyre

I love this novel. There is a reason that it is a classic. The fact that this book is categorized as an autobiography is amazing. That fact alone gives the story more depth. The story itself is one of growth and as we read this novel of her thoughts and life, we grow along with the main character, Jane. Jane is both an unreliable and a reliable first person narrator, however I prefer to look at her as though she is a reliable narrator because this is a story derived from memory and whatever is false is not of her own fault because we have fragmented memories that go along with emotions, nothing if ever remembered exactly unless dictated as such. The book is talking to an audience, Jane is talking to us, detailing her story to us, formatting her thoughts and telling us her life’s journey. This is an incredibly powerful book because of that, because of all the detail and thoughts that are told to us, the reader. Simply and amazing read, a book I could read again and again.

4/4 ★’s and an “A+”.


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