TAHITI’s Jisoo Receives Praise for Cameo Scene in “Shut Up Family”

By: kimdebbie


Girl Group TAHITI‘s member Jisoo made a successful acting debut with a great reputation for solid acting.

On the latest episode of KBS 2 TV‘s “Shut Up Family,” Jisoo drew viewer interest as the Hamin High School student who is recognized as the fourth best looking female student that goes by the name of Han Song Yi.

In her scene, Jisoo pulls off a great performance of the conceited Han Song Yi who always holds a mirror to her face and seeks to date the cutest guy around, rumored to be Choi Woo Shik – whom she tries to seduce and invite on a date by showing off her charms.

The staff from the set of the drama had great things to say about Jisoo’s performance such as, “Jisoo surprised us all with how well she pulled off her scenes without looking like a novice. No one could tell it was her first time. She did a wonderful job of bringing to life her character, as the popular and narcissistic girl that she is.”

Netizens also gave her praise saying, “Jisoo did great for an amateur actress,” “Wow, if she can sing as well as act then she is certainly the entertainer,” “I was surprised to see that she had such strong acting skills,” and “She was only supposed to make a surprised cameo appearance but she ended up stealing the show for her scene.”

Source: Soompi


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