Beyond: Two Souls not launching May 25

By: Eddie Makuch


Yesterday, an IGN reader sent the site a screencap of the official page for Beyond: Two Souls, which revealed a May 25, 2013 release date for the PlayStation 3 game. However, this date is wrong. Sony told the site that the release date was posted to the site in error and has since been removed.

“We have not announced a release date for Beyond: Two Souls outside of the 2013 time frame,” Sony said. “In fact, [Quantic Dream founder David Cage] recently shared that the title is preparing for the alpha version so the date reported on the product site is incorrect and has since been updated.”

Beyond: Two Souls was announced during Sony’s 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo media briefing in June. Cage claimed the game would be emotional, mature, and unique, going on to say he wants to create moments that players remember for a long time.

It is due out during spring 2013 and features the voice and likeness of Inception and Juno star Ellen Page

Source: GameSpot


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