Wolverine Set Photos Introduce Logan And His Key Ladies

By:  Sean O’Connell


The first trailer for James Mangold’s The Wolverine is expected to drop in theaters at the end of the month, possibly attached to G.I. Joe: Retributionsince 20th Century Fox doesn’t have a movie in theaters after The Croodsand the animated comedy doesn’t seem like the right fit for a clip about a berserker rage machine with razor-sharp claws that just out of his fists. While killing time waiting for the trailer to land, Mangold has stayed busy on his Twitter feed, sharing these three black-and-white still photos he took of “three people I adore.” That top shot is self-explanatory, but he shared two more as well:

The first one is Rila Fukushima, and second is the actress Tao Okamoto. Mangold explains that the ladies play Yukio and Mariko, respectively. The former is a trained assassin for Lord Shingen, head of the dreaded Yashida clan who frequently locks horns (or claws) with Jackman’s Logan. Mariko, meanwhile, is Shingen’s daughter … and Wolverine’s soul mate. Those who’ve read X-Men comics extensively know that Wolverine and Mariko almost married, and while it’s unlikely Mangold’s movie will have the time to travel that far down the hero’s path, it’s clear that these two women will be vital elements to the story being told in The Wolverine.

All that’s left, now, is to see a trailer. Though really, do we need to see one at this point? I would argue that those who know that they are going to see Mangold’s Wolverine movie are going, regardless. And after so many turns in the X-Men character, casual audiences recognize Jackman and his mutant hero. They’re coming to the show. Leave a few surprises for them.

Source: Cinema Blend

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