Interesting View of the Villains | Review of ‘Hunt for the Garde’ (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files #15)

By Cynthia Ayala

Hunt for the Garde by Pittacus Lore
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“After the Mogadorian leader is struck with a potentially fatal blow, it becomes uncertain who will step in for him and how the Mogs should proceed with their invasion of the planet. This power vacuum has wide-reaching ramifications. One Mog, who has been on a quest for redemption ever since she first let the Garde slip through her fingers, is given an unimaginable opportunity to make things right with the Beloved Leader. Another, who has an unquenchable thirst for blood, jumps at the opportunity to hunt down the human teens who have begun to develop Legacies. And the last Mog, who has been questioning everything since he crossed paths with Adam, is forced to decide once and for all where his allegiances lie. While the fate of the Mogadorian leader is unknown, the one thing that is for certain is that this war is coming to an end . . . and there can only be one side that wins.” — Goodreads

Published May 31, 2016 by HarperCollins Hunt for the Garde by Pittacus Lore is the final novella in The Lost Files spin-off series of the Lorien Legacies that captures the background characters and the events that happened in the shadows of the Lorien Legacies series.

The only novella in the series that focuses on the Mogadorian side of the series. There are three different perspectives in the novel, two true born Mogadorians, and one vat-born one. By doing this, fans of the series get a chance to see deeper into the mindset of the Mogadorians, how they think and how they regard this invasion, this war effort. It gives the overall story another layer and showcases some of the villains who were merely mentioned in the novel.

The first part of the novel follows Phiri Dun-Ra, a high-ranking Mogadorian female warrior who has had many encounters with the Loriens. And yet, the reader knows nothing about her. Much of the time, Mogadorians are alluded to as robots, unthinking and brainwashed by their society and their leader. And yet there so much more to it than that. Here the reader gets to truly meet the ruthless female warrior. Now, while the story doesn’t add much, it does give a little insight and backstory into what was going on with the Mogadorians, With Setrákus Ra, and his defeat at the hands of the Loriens at the Sanctuary and how this deeply affected the Mogadorians. It also sets the stage for how Phiri Dun-Ra ended up getting her Lorien abilities.

Again, it doesn’t add a whole lot to the story, but it does give insight into everything happening behind the scenes. Now while, the first story adds, the second story, following a vat-born, doesn’t add anything. It shows the reader the new generation and their first encounter with the Mogadorians before they enter United as One and take over the story in Generation One. But it’s such a minor thing, it wasn’t essential.

Now, the third and final perspective is where more time should have been devoted. It follows Rex, who readers will know as the Mogadorian friend of Adam. The same friend who helped Adam save the Chimæra, the allies of the Lorien, the Mogadorian enemies. Rex is such an interesting character because while he is devoted to the war effort, the only truth he has ever known, doubt shadows his actions because of his friendship with Adam. It’s an interesting perspective because his doubt shadows his narrative. It’s an intriguing perspective and he’s such an interesting character is a shame that more time wasn’t devoted to his idealism, his doubt, and his growth. It’s possibly the best part of this novel and it’s shame it was at the end and yet it was the perfect way to end of the Lost Files series. In the end, it was thoughtful and following these three villains around gave a great view of the war. (★★★☆☆ | B-)

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Pub Date: May 31, 2016

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Publisher: HarperCollins

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