Book of the Month Poll – May 2019

By Cynthia Bujnicki

Hey there readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful March and is ready for April! My kitty turns 4 this year can you believe it, it’s crazy. He’s such a tiny thing I named him Mr. J the Kitten. He’s a sweetheart my little baby. But anyway, that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for this month’s list of upcoming books! So check out 10 carefully selected titles from below. Each title is slated to be released this coming May. Now in case you’re new, here you just vote for your favorite title by clicking this link here or by clicking the image below. The winner will be named May’s Book of the Month which not only entails a month-long promotional post on the website but also a featured book review. So, check out the titles below and remember folks, if you want to see your title win, vote, share and vote again.

Happy reading!

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