Review of ‘Mage: The Ancient’s Might’ (The Nephilium Lands #2)

By Cynthia Bujnicki

Mage: The Ancient’s Might by S.A. Edwards
Movement Publishing
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The balance must be maintained. However, when Clara steps through the Void and enters a world much like her own, she discovers that the balance has been twisted. All around her the Gates are failing, releasing Hellions and Clara, tasked with trying to save her brother, is trying to find out just how it connects to her. However, when her past life comes back with even more secrets, Clara must try to discover just how to save her brother and hoe to save the new world she has brought chaos to. Her journey has just begun and is more perilous than ever.

Published by Movement Publishing, Mage: The Ancient’s Might by S.A. Edwards is the second in her heart-pounding YA fantasy series, The Nephilium Lands.

What a powerful sequel. The Ancient’s Might is the riveting sequel to Edwards The Guardian’s Oath and boy; it is invigorating.

Picking up right where the previous novel left off, the story continues to follow Clara as she embarks on a harrowing new journey. Her fierce first-person narrative continues to engage the reader as she is in a new land with new rules, new villains, and a new history. There is so much tension in the story to drive the characterization and the story forward. This is a story, that much like its predecessor, does not stop moving forward. The momentum keeps the reader sucked into the story, and Clara; this new adventure brings out a different side of her; it brings out something softer and more desperation from her characterization. She is still a strong character, but every failure she endures, it does not break her but instead makes her a humbler character. Her mistakes take a toll on herm, making the character development stronger than in the previous novel.

The story itself, while the momentum continues to grow, the story does not lose its edge. The fight sequences, the scenes when Clara is pushed to the brink and uses her magic; they are vibrant, action-packed, and entirely well thought out. Considering how much chaos is in these scenes, the reader is sucked into the scenes, unable to get lost in the narrative. Not only that, but the various new characters have even stronger narratives, highlighting Edwards talent for characterization.

Mage: The Ancient’s Might keeps the reader engaged page after page. It seems long and daunting at first, but the progression of the story, the development, and tension added by the new characters keep the reader on their toes and keeps the story unpredictable. (★★★☆☆)

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Product Details:

Pub Date: June 11, 2019

Page count: 466pp

Age Range: 13 & Over

ISBN: 978-1-5136-5056-2

Publisher: Movement Publishing

List Price: $12.57

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