Review of ‘Magic Heist’ (Fairy Trafficking #2)

By Cynthia Bujnicki

Magic Heist by Mary Karlik
Ink Monster, LLC
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Layla and Ian rescued the fairies, but their quest is far from over. The fairies are still dying and need a way to get back home, and Ian and Layla discover that the Fairy Trafficking is still going on. With an impossible plan and new magic to help them, the two discover that their quest is bigger than they thought.

Published by Ink Monster, LLC Magic Heist by Mary Karlik is the second in her young adult fantasy Fairy Trafficking series.

A fun sequel that moves at a faster pace than the previous novel and picks up right where the previous novel left off, beginning with a light, fun atmosphere before launching into the action and the storytelling.

Keeping the pace of the story moving Magic Heist splits up Layla and Ian, sending Ian to the Fae realm and keeping Layla in the human realm. By separating the two, the story gives the reader new perspectives on the world’s that the characters land in. It keeps the pace moving, keeps the story engaging as the characters explore different aspects of the realms that the characters reside. Magic Heist also brings back characters from the previous novel and introduces new ones with fresh dynamics to keep the story entertaining and bring new life and perspectives about the differing worlds.

The most entertaining aspect of the novel is the turn the plot takes, one that is different from the previous novel. It is very reminiscent of the Ocean’s film franchise. It brings the gang together and develops the characters and the story in a way to keep the story engaging. However, more than that, it builds on the fantasy aspect of the novel. It offers up twists and turns to the story and shows readers how everything is not just black and white, how sometimes thing happen that are unfair. For Layla, she sees things in a new way; her perspective is opening, and her sense of justice, her desperate need to right the wrongs of her people make her shine through the pages.

Layla is not the only character to shine thankfully. A dragon has cursed Ian, providing the story and character with a passionate internal struggle. He is battling the dragon within him instead of accepting it, of channeling him. It is a constant battle for him to go against what the dragon wishes, but the journey to him overcoming it is overwhelming. As for the other human, they are still trying to reconcile this fact that magic and fantasy exist, that they are real. For each of them, the journey is overwhelming; it is empowering, and makes for an interesting read, giving dimension to the dynamics and the relationships. For the Fae, their journey is all about overcoming bigotry, and to see almost all of them overcome this is incredible. It serves as a teaching lesson for the reader, as well as for the characters.

It is fun and quirky, and the characters balance each other out perfectly, making for a delightful read. (★★★★☆)

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Pub Date: July 9, 2019

Page count: 322pp

Age Range: 14 & Over

ISBN: 978-1-9438-5835-4

Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC

List Price: $14.99


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