Review of ‘Bring Me Their Hearts’ (Bring Me Their Hearts, #1)

Bring Me Their Hearts
Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf
Entangled: Teen
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Bring Me Their Hearts is certainly a unique novel with a strong opening. First of all, there is the tone of Zera. Zera is a fun sarcastic character with such charisma it is nearly impossible to not like her. She is an unorthodox character and unlike other female characters out there. Wolf did an exceptional job creating this character because it is not just her external narrative that shines but also her internal narrative that makes her shine. Her attitude is perfect and creates this character that is so easy to love, relate to, and imagine.

But there is also a complexity to her and the other characters. Zera is tasked with entering the city to steal the prince’s heart, a task that would turn him into a creature like herself, one that is immortal, feared, with no free will and a hunger that never dies. As a heartless, born from a witch who took pity upon her and brought her back from death. Zera has remorse for what she is, but she wants her heart back, and that is the goal of her task. A heart for a heart, and her memories back. It creates a lot of internal struggle for Zera, especially as she blends in with the royal court. Then there are her new companions and the prince. No one is who they appear to be on the surface, offering up multifaceted characters and tense dynamics

Final Thoughts

The story itself is also done in an interesting way. It starts off by introducing Zera and where she is in the royal court before going backward to show who she is and how she got to the royal court. It allows the reader to see the complexities of the world Zera lives in and the complex nature of the characters, and the character development. The pacing is steady as the novel is more about political intrigue than it is about action or romance, keeping the story tense and captivating. (★★★★☆)

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Product Details:

Pub Date: June 5, 2018

Page count: 400pp

Age Range: 14 & Over

ISBN: 978-1-6406-3146-5

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

List Price: $17.99


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