Review of ‘Eat Your Heart Out’

Eat Your Heart Out is a fantastic novel that tackles the absurdity of “fat camps” in the rise of a zombie apocalypse.


eat your heart Out
Eat Your Heart Out
Kelly Devos

One of the best things about Eat Your Heart Out was the storytelling and structure. The novel builds up the pacing and mystery of the storytelling in such a vivid way by switching between characters.

Allie is an aspiring filmmaker who gives the story this edge that makes it accessible to the reader. It puts a lens on the characterization and highlights small details that otherwise may go unnoticed. This scene structure and detail style leads to a brilliant way to develop the underlining mystery that holds the story together. Allie’s perspective, her doubt, her insecurities, and her thought processes, aligning the characters to those classic horror movie tropes.

What also makes the story engaging is how witty the story is and how it encourages body positivity. None of the characters are in poor health. Vivian is shipped off to this fat camp by her fatphobic stepfather. Never mind that she is the captain of the soccer team at her school. This man sees an overweight girl and instantly dislikes her. The only one there by choice is Vee because she is hiding her pregnancy from her family.

Eat Your Heart Out is a novel all about body positivity, and it is hands down excellent at achieving that. The story has the heart and wit from all the characters to highlight nothing wrong with how they look. The fact that this fat camp created a not so safe bar to speed up the metabolism highlights how this culture of body shaming dehumanizes society.


The characters themselves are exceptional. Allie has a strong perspective that, like mentioned above, highlights the most minor and most essential details to the storytelling. Following these characters through her artistic lens is eye-opening.

The characters may be labeled as the tropes that mirror The Breakfast Club and classic horror films, but they come to life on their own with their charm, strength, and growth.

No character within the novel does not grow, which makes them compelling. They have all made mistakes, but they pull together to survive and help each other survive. More than that, they help each other grow and rediscover their humanity despite the circumstances.

These are solid and fierce characters, and Vivian may be “fat,” as she says, but she is a better person, with style, attitude, and sass than anyone alive.

Final Thoughts

Eat Your Heart Out channels body positivity compellingly and entertainingly. Having a zombie apocalypse begins at a ridiculous fat camp creates a statement that society can learn from.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Product Details:

Pub Date: June 29, 2021Page Count: 352ppAge Range: 12 & Over
ISBN: 978-0-5932-0482-5Publisher: RazorbillList Price: $18.99

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