Review of ‘The Nemesis’

The conclusion to The Diabolic trilogy, The Nemesis is a stunning and action-packed conclusion.


The Nemesis
S. J. Kincaid
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

The Nemesis is, to start, a fantastic story. It follows Nemesis shortly after the events of The Empress. She survived the attempt on her life and is now tasked with killing Tyrus, her former love.

It fails, and now, alongside fellow Diabolic Anguish, she lives on the run.

The Nemesis is an action-packed story following Nemesis as she tries to save the ones she loves and the galaxy. As the new figurehead of the rebellion, she must face the fact that Tyrus is no longer the man she loves…or is he?

Kincaid does such an amazing with her pacing and story development. Following Nemesis, as she goes from wanted fugitive to hostage and then to rebel leader, was an incredible and natural progression for her. As a Diabolic, her senses are heightened, and she was treated as an abomination for the longest time. It fit to be the figurehead to fight for a galaxy that shunned her.

The regime here has fallen into chaos, and Tyrus, now calling himself a God, has fallen into madness. So, it is only fitting for Nemesis, the opposite of everything the holy regime stood for, to be the story’s hero. And given that her namesake is that of the Greek Goddess of revenge who punished humans for their gluttony, Kincaid hit the nail on the head, developing a plot that fit within the mythology.


Furthermore, Kincaid also sucks the reader in with her characterization.

There are times when Nemesis’s stubbornness gets in the way sometimes. As a Diabolic, she was made to see things in black or white, no grey. She was groomed and programmed to love only her assignment. But Nemesis has grown beyond all that. To see her realize her full potential and explore her full range of emotions makes her stand out.

From the very beginning, the reader sees that she has formed a familial bond with Anguish, the only other Diabolic living beside her. To see that they have created a family of their own, as brother and sister, was a happy surprise.

They both lost their “handlers” and, since then, have evolved into thinking for themselves and learning what real love is. And together, they stand side by side against all the odds.

It is not just Nemesis and Anguish, but Nevini and Tyrus, who have grown and changed since their first introductions. Nevini is colder, more brutal, more calculating, and driven by revenge. Tyrus, as previously stated, is a mad genius, calculating and manipulative.

There is a lot of tension between the characters that work to build up the plot and make those plot twists even more explosive.

Final Thoughts

From beginning to end, The Nemesis flows with such a fast pace. It captures the reader’s attention and holds it with incredible characterization and non-stop action.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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