Review of ‘Ace of Shades’

Dark and dangerous, Ace of Shades throws caution to the wind as Enne enters the City of Sin.

Ace of Shades begins with a girl and her travel guide, eager to find her mother, only to be thrown to the wolves and becomes a key player in the game of shadows.

Amazing Characterization

Ace of Shades shines through the characters. A plot-driven story, the characters are not left behind in the story’s development. And I love that.

Enne is probably one of the best things about this novel, in my opinion. She goes from city girl with proper training to mastermind. She is so naïve in the beginning with her travel guide, which explains the ins and outs of the City of Sin. Still, as she becomes more embroiled in the schemes around her, she smartens up.

By the novel’s end, she is dangerous and clever as a whip. These moral standards make her a bit snobbish and standoffish, but she at least uses them to destroy truly vile characters. Even when she is being used as a tool by Vianca.

Vianca herself is a side character, but one worth noting because she is a villain you love to hate, corrupt to the core with absolutely no scruples.

Then there is Levi.

Levi’s character development wasn’t as flushed out as I wanted. He is eager to right his wrongs, but ultimately, he wants to make a name for himself. Levi does care about those under his watch, namely Jack and Enne, among his little gang, but he still puts them in danger.

While this makes him look insincere, it makes him a complex character. He’s not perfect, but he truly wants to help those around him, even if he does so incorrectly.


Foody has a beautiful way of setting up the scene. It is very descriptive and sets the stage for the events. You can see the scene and even lose yourself in the city of sin. It has a dangerous undertone to it that captures the reader’s attention.

By no means unique in setting, the magic system is.

The blood traits vary throughout the story and can be anything from counting, acrobatics, dancing, and even the traditional elements. One can even make volts, the form of currency in the novel. It is complex but also unique. I wish it had been flushed out neater because sometimes I wondered how the blood traits worked regarding the magic used.

Final Thoughts

With a quick pace and thrilling character development, Ace of Shades is a brilliant way to start a series. It sure has me hooked.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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