T.O.P Injured On Set of Alumnus

24g1v1eThe poor prince.  I’m in love with him so forgive me.  Now, recently, according to YG Entertainment T.O.P (BigBang, 71: Into the Fire, 19teen) suffered an injury to the back of his hand while filming his new movie “Alumnus”.  The scene was a combat scene near broken glass.  A glass fragment entered his skin and was it minor.  Details of the actual injury have not been released but immediate surgery was taken place to prevent any sort of damage (particularly nerve damage) to his hand.  Thankfully the surgery was a success and was released from the hospital September 24th from the Hospital.

T.O.P will not be resuming acting while his hand heals.  In 9 weeks time T.O.P. will be leaving to embark on the “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012”.  Another good note is that T.O.P. is having no problems moving his hand around and there seems to have been no permanent damage to his hand, but the wound will take 2 – 3 weeks to heal.

YG Entertainment also released this statement as T.O.P recovers:

“As one of the major characters, T.O.P is feeling burdened about the filming being postponed because of him, especially since the filming had to be halted earlier with the changing of directors.  We will be discussing with his doctors to figure out a way for T.O.P to carry on his schedule without putting strain on his condition.”

T.O.P also had a recent event for his fans (where I wished I had been) and greeted them all with smiles and a cast [oh T.O.P you’re adorable…]  I hope the recovery for T.O.P goes along very well and nothing bothers the hindering process.

By the way, concert tickers in the United States are sold out.

Source: ygfamily.tumblr.com

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