Seungri stands up for “Kimchi”


Big Bang‘s Seungri made a stand for kimchi on a Japanese television program recently.

Seungri appeared on the November 2nd broadcast of Nagoya TV‘s ‘Jakiroba‘, which featured guests from Nigeria, France, Afghanistan, and Columbia who introduced food from their countries.

The Big Bang member decided to introduce what is likely the most traditional Korean dish: kimchi. He stated, “Kimchi is really delicious. Red food invigorates appetite.”

However, one of the international guests did not seem impressed. The guest commented, “Kimchi is just cabbage that’s been [massaged with hands] and fermented.”

Seungri then got up angrily and joked, “What did you just say?” The guest went on to explain that cheese is better than kimchi, causing Seungri to warn him, “Don’t look down on kimchi. [Watch your mouth].”

Netizens commented, “He knows what he’s doing”, “He’s great”, “I want him to become an honorary ambassador for kimchi”, and “I support his career in Japan”.

Seungri is currently active in Japan under the name V.I.

Source: AKP & Big Bang Updates


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