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Monday Night TV (25 Nov 2013) | TV Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Genre: Drama, Science-fiction, Crime Drama Starring: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby & Lili Taylor “Are You Receiving?”:  Another amazing episode!  The bromance thing going on between the man and the android is just amazing.  The pair of them, in not only the show but the actors as well have such dynamic chemistry with one another.  On screen pair ups are hard to come by because there is, especially in crime shows, the romantic aspect, []

Monday Night TV (28 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Genre: Crime drama Starring: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Egg  old, Ilfenesh Hadera, Parminder Nagra & Harry Lennix “Gina Zanetakos”: Oh my God that was great episode.  I have to quote Robert Bianco of USA Today: “The Blacklist is a solid weekly crime show built around a genuine TV star.” James Spader steals the show week after week, his character is captivating and his subplots build such an mystery and build the intrigue wondering keeping the viewer wondering []

Wednesday Night TV (16 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

Genre: Superhero, Drama, Mystery, Acton/Advenure Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Colin Donnell, Wila Holland, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Susanna Thompson, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes & Manu Bennett. “Identity”:  China White has returned, working for the Triad to make sure that the glades are not taken care of and that the local hospital there fall.  Oh this was a harsh episode, to be sure.  It was great, t was gut wrenching, but harsh.  Oliver is being targeted on both sides of his []

Friday Night TV (28 Sept 2012)

I love this show and I love where it picked up.  Not sure if I like the actress who plays Henrietta.  Her acting, compared to the others was, okay.  Overall I don’t think she has the spunk to play the daughter of Olivia and Peter.  I loved the episode overall though, the concept is cool and everyone else, doing their thing, being awesome, just makes this show awesome. I love the writing and the jump from the past to the present, showing []

Thursday Night TV (20 Sept 2012)

Hilarious.   I really did enjoy how this season picked up.  Last season the women were in power, which was cool, I did love that, I mean I’m a chick, what chick wouldn’t like that.  Anyway, swerving back on topic, the switch in the dynamic could have come off as misogynistic but it didn’t.  It wasn’t funny in any way, it was done very well, in a realistic, funny way.  Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolf lost their jobs on their show within the []

Monday Night TV (17 Sept 2012)

Boom shakalaka (yeah that’s light my catch phrase now so fyi).  In any case this was a great show.  However, I feel as though is is a bit like Jericho was, in the style and plot POV.  I mean the cast here is amazing, I love how the characters were here.  They were awesome, fighters, but at the same time, you could tell when one of them was scared.  They were relatable, realistic characters.  And the plot for the most point was []

Friday Night TV (18 May 2012)

Okay, now that was one curveball I did not see coming.  I mean, okay SPOILER ALERT, if you haven’t watched the season finale of Grimm then do not read any further.  But anyway, his mom is alive!  I mean I thought that she was dead-dead, that there was no chance of her surviving.  I wonder if her sister ever knew?  Anyway, all in all I liked the way this episode flowed, it had a steady fast paced, it was like bam-bam-bam, not []

Monday Night TV (14 May 2012)

I am so sick and tired of the Chuck and Blair tug of love going on here.  Right when I thought the writers were moving past that they instead decide to take 10 huge steps back.  Not to mention I officially hate what they have done to Serena and I hate her character.  This show is becoming and repetitive and boring.  I only like Ivy, Nate, Dan and Rufus.  But you know what, I don’t think I’ll tune in every night to []

Thursday Night TV (10 May 2012)

SPOILER ALERT:  These reviews consist of spoilers so if you missed these episode DO NOT READ ON! I am so pissed off with what they did.  The writers killed off Alric!  In what world is that okay.  I wanted to see a return of his good side.  I love this guy!  Not to mention he was hot anyway.  He and Meredith belonged together.  But no, the killed him.  And what they have done to the character of Meredith.  She wasn’t so awesome []