Photographer Leslie Kee planning a "Super" photo shoot with Big Bang [NEWS]

Photographer Leslie Kee, whose clients include Hollywood celebrities and magazines like Rolling Stone, Vogue Nippon and Harper’s Bazaar Japan, is reported to have worked with BIGBANG for Japanese magazine, Josei Jishin. The next issue of Josei Jishin, out on the 27th, will feature BIGBANG on the cover and 7 color print photographs all shot by Kee.

In addition to the magazine shoot, Kee posted an update on Twitter that there are plans of a “SUPER BIGBANG” photo shoot, just like his collaborations with Lady Gaga, Jin Akanishi and Ayu.

Here’s a link to Leslie Kee’s portfolio for those curious about his works.

Sources: @DJTaba, @lesliekeesuper, @teambigbang

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