Terminator 5 Will Be Rated R

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Much like the Die Hard franchise before it, the folks behind Terminator Salvation made a huge mistake when they decided to make the movie PG-13. The only one in the series that isn’t rated R, the move was made in the hopes of maximizing profits, but even that didn’t work, as it managed to pull in only $125 million domestically on a $200 million budget. To say that least, fans were not happy that one of their favorite franchises had been castrated, but the good news is that won’t happen again.

Megan Ellison, who won the rights to the franchise in a bidding war last year, recently took to Twitter and answered a question that many Terminator fans have been asking. Responding to a message that said, “We hope you can bring this franchise back from the brink of PG-13 HELL! Can we mail you some questions?” Ellison said, “We can’t really tell you guys anything about Terminator BUT it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.”

The question now is when will the movie actually get made? While Justin Lin was previously signed on to helm the project, with Arnold Schwarzenegger interested in returning to his most iconic role, the problem is that the filmmaker is currently working on the next installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise and won’t be ready to start work on Terminator 5 when Ellison and the other producers want it to happen. The big question mark is if Annapurna Pictures will find a replacement for Lin and move forward, or if they will wait for the blockbuster director to clear his schedule. Only time will tell.

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