Big Bang’s Interview with Oricon Style Japan (Part 2) [NEWS]

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Starting from “love at first sight” then becoming lovers…

Q: The album includes songs in various types/genres. Please describe them.

V.I: FANTASTIC BABY is the most energetic song in the album. You won’t only see it in our outfits. We filmed the music video with a fantastic feeling too.

T.O.P: For this song’s PV (MV), we held a few meetings to come up with a fantastic and crazy atmosphere. The video that comes with the Japanese version of the album and the YouTube version are completely different. I think it would be fun comparing the two.

V.I: In the song BLUE, there’s a part in the lyrics that says, “the cold days have ended and now, the warm days are coming.” This exactly portrays BIGBANG’s current situation.

D-LITE: Like any ordinary love story, it has a cheerful representation about hoping. It’s a sad song but it also presents a lovely image.

SOL: BAD BOY is a song composed by our producers CHOICE 37 and G-DRAGON. This is the song that I love the most from the album. The feeling of the song is like,I’m a very bad boy, but my lover is a good girl, and rather than staying with me, I want her to walk away.

T.O.P: The lyrics show BIGBANG’s current state of mind. The song received very good response from Korean fans, so I’m really curious what the fans in Japan will say about it. Also, this doesn’t mean that BIGBANG [members] are bad boys. (laugh)

Q: The popular song Haru Haru’s Japanese version is also included in this album..

V.I: While recording, we thought of the song as a gift to the Japanese fans who have been waiting for us. We sang with feelings of gratitude and put a lot of emotions into it.

Q: The song EGO is about “love at first sight”.

D-LITE: Yes, it is. It’s like I’m trying really hard to make myself appealing to this girl.. I’ve fallen for her at first sight, but she’s not turning around to look at me. Because of that, my pride is wounded. The song is about that kind of love. I do fall in love at first sight too, but I always end up not becoming lovers with the girl.

V.I: That’s kind of lonely.

D-LITE: I always feel lonely because I can’t confess my true feelings.

V.I: With Korean men, when we love someone, we directly go and tell that person “I love you”.

SOL: But the other members are so shy…

V.I: Does that only apply to me? I’m sorry because if it’s me, I won’t spend time worrying about what I should do and all. I’ll just immediately say “I love you”. Isn’t that much better? Since the girl is also waiting.

D-LITE: I’m envious…

V.I: So, the man should just say “I love you, what should I do now?” instead.

D-LITE: What’s with “What should I do now”? (laugh)

V.I: If the answer is OK, you can say “yeay!” and be happy about it. If it’s not, you just can find another person. Isn’t that the right way? This is the “BAD BOY” kind of way!

T.O.P: But since you’re honest with your own feelings, I think it’s “GOOD BOY” instead.

If everyone could feel our passion and enthusiasm..

Q: You guys are always having so much fun even backstage.

SOL: Different from when we’re on stage, we love to joke and play with each other. Sometimes, we do the “

hamburger” where V.I. will lie down and the other members will climb and lie on him, while making some noise.

V.I: Since I’m the youngest, I always get bullied, but I feel happy about it. How do I explain this.. I feel like “I’m loved” by the others. Am I the ‘masochist’ type? No, I’m not masochist, but the ‘very sadist’ type.

Q: (Laugh) Let’s go back to the album. G-DRAGON and D-LITE worked together for the lyrics of WINGS. How was it?

D-LITE: G-DRAGON created the framework for me and I just filled in the parts. The lyrics portray that even if the tiring days seem to never end, let’s have some fun, even just for today.

G-DRAGON: This is my first time working with D-LITE, but I already have a vision for our future. We had so much fun working together.

Q: To G-DRAGON, with your role as a producer, did you face any hardship while working?

G-DRAGON: Music is not made out of struggle. Without inspiration, you can’t create a good song, and you can’t come out with an idea for an album. This time, all the members were one, and while playing catch ball, I feel that we’ve created a really good piece. We had a lot of fun working together.

Q: After this, BIGBANG will have a concert tour. Please give some message to the fans.

T.O.P: This time around, we released an album and announced the tour at the same time. For the stage, Laurieann Gibson (who worked with Lady Gaga before) is working together with us, as the director. I think the stage this time will be really different. You won’t only enjoy BIGBANG’s music, but also know the personality of each member better.

SOL: If we’re successful with this tour, I think BIGBANG will be more upgraded, so please look forward to that happening.

V.I: Other than the concert tour, from now on we will also work hard to show the world how great Asian music is. Aside from music, we would also like to show our charm to the fans. For this year, we will do a concert tour and we want to appear on variety shows too. We really hope that the fans in Japan could feel our passion and enthusiasm.

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