The Woman In Black Is Getting A Sequel Titled Angels Of Death

By: Eric Eisenberg

The Woman In Black Is Getting A Sequel Titled Angels Of Death imageNowadays studios pay much more attention to what’s going on at the foreign box office. While a movie might be a moderate success here in the states, there are some titles that are total blockbusters overseas. Resident Evil: Afterlife made a respectable $60 million in the US, but everywhere else it raked in over $230 million and is getting a sequel this year. The Adventures of Tintin did $77 million in business stateside but it’s international total was nearly $300 million so the greenlight has been lit for part two.

So now we have The Woman in Black. While not nearly as dramatic a total change, the horror film made $53 million domestically and $58 million foreign, but also holds the UK title for highest-grossing British horror film in the past 20 years. So, naturally, it’s getting a sequel.

Hammer and Talisman, the production houses behind The Woman in Black, have announced that a sequel based on Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black: Angels Of Death is now in development. Jon Croker has been hired to write the screenplay. But for those hoping that they will get to see more of Daniel Radcliffe, I have some bad news.Angels of Death is set 40 years after the events of the first film and will center on a new couple that has discovered Eel Marsh House.

In a statement Simon Oakes, Vice-Chairman of Exclusive Media and President & CEO of Hammer Films said: “We are proud and honoured to be working with Susan again on The Woman in Black: Angels Of Death, a wonderful new tale every bit as atmospheric and terrifying as its predecessor The Woman in Black.”

The article doesn’t say if James Watkins will return as director.

Source: Cinema Blend

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