Kick-Ass 2 May Actually Happen

By: Eric Eisenberg

kick_ass_2_30828While some of us may know that Marvel/Disney owns The Avengers and Fox owns the X-Men and Sony owns Spider-Man, the truth is that the general public doesn’t really know the difference between most superhero movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be special, but the truth is that the average Joe on the street probably doesn’t know that Spider-Man cannot legally be in the same movie as Iron Man. As a result, however, the incredible success of The Avengers is likely to help the comic book movie genre in general as they look for more stories that thrilled them as much as The Avengers did. And studios are going to start taking advantage of this. Case in point:

Deadline is reporting that Universal is now in discussions to make Kick-Ass 2. As you could probably predict, Matthew Vaughn will not be returning for the sequel (he’s a bit too busy developing X-Men: First Class 2, but he will instead be replaced by Jeff Wadlow, who will also be writing the script. Wadlow’s credits include the film’s Cry_Wolf and Never Back Down – the first of which he wrote, the second he didn’t. In addition to finding a helmer, work is already being done to get the original cast back. The site says that Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are now all in talks to return for part two.

It makes sense that Universal would be the studio to pick this up as they don’t have many superhero properties to choose from. Personally, I would much rather see this current opportunity to start talking with Guillermo Del Toro about doing Hellboy III.

Source: Cinema Blend

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