Love Bites (A Vampire Kisses Novel: Book 7)

Book 7

Amazingly adorable.  The introduction to the character of Sebastian was very well done, I absolutely loved it.  We got to see another side of Alexander which was so very needed because, although I love his character, his character did need some character growth and development in it.  There needed to be more to him!  I mean is is simply too perfect and although we all enjoy reading books where the appealing character is completely perfect, it simply reminds is that the book is just a book and not real.  I like to delve into my books and forget that it’s simply a work of fiction.  A good writer can present a book with such honesty that it feels real and jumps at you.  This series, however enjoyable to read, does not do that.  I love it and I love Ellec Schreiber, but she strives too hard to make a character too perfect, unreal.  That has changed someone in this novel because we get to learn more about Alexander and his insecurities and who he is as person.  Enjoyable read and I recommend it to all because, quite simply, past that, Ellen Schreiber does a great job at creating a character, Raven, with whom teen can relate to and look up to.  3/5 ’s & a “B+”.

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