So You Think You Can Dance Format—I Don’t Like It

So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance-Season-8-Episode-17-2-of-10-Voted-OffI don’t like the new format that FOX has here for the show.  I liked the two night showcase.  We get to vote for those that we want to and then the next night we get to see who gets voted off.  Instead, we see them dance and that very same night, we see someone go home.  What if we wanted to vote for one of those people that wanted to go home?  But no, the FOX network decided to be stupid and make it a one night thing.  I liked the group dances, I liked the solos, I liked the musical guest and the way the show used to be structured.  The way it is now, does not make me even want to tune it.   In fact, I’m pretty pissed by the whole thing that I don’t even want to tune it.  What’s the point in having them dance if we don’t even get to vote for the ones we want to?  It’s stupid and it sucks.

Not to mention, this week, they were being unfair.  You had them redo classics, which are classics for a reason.  They were classics because the original people who did it, gave the dance more than just technique.  That’s why they are classics.  You have these dancers here who not only saw the original, but who also have to live up to the original.  They are going to be compared to the original dance.  These guys have to make their own classics, they need to be given their own routines, not ones that have been done before.  That being said, I’m not pleased with the structure of this show and how it’s going.

Also, Cyrus, as good a dancer as he is, has yet to actually prove himself and should not be here.  There were others who were better than him, who were able to get out of their own styles and do other styles.  Many of you may like him, but I simply do not think that he deserves to be here.

Oh and I still stay say that Nigel Lythgoe is the Mad Hatter.

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