Review of ‘The Channeler’ (Continuum Series, #1)

By Cynthia Bujnicki

The Channeler by Jenna Ryan
TCK Publishing
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Caleb has been having visions for as long as he can remember. Right now, the visions have been about a girl, and blood, a girl he has never met before whose life is in danger. When this girl suddenly enters his life, Caleb does not know what to do. However, now she is there and has opened so many doors for Caleb’s past and his future. However, Caleb is still conflicted, save the girl or change the future.

Published by TCK Publishing The Channeler by Jenna Ryan is her debut novel in the Continuum series.

Oh, where to begin. The biggest problem with the novel is how predictable and cliché it is. It is not a poorly written story, and with an influential synopsis it comes off as exciting, especially after a strong opening chapter. However, after a point, it just seems very easy for the main character, everything falls into place with Caleb which makes the novel slightly unrelatable. His flaws are not pronounced enough; in fact, his faults are not pronounced at all really which makes him a sort of Mary Sue character.

The fact that everything falls into place with him makes the novel annoying and predictable. There is no real way to develop this review without going into spoilers so stop reading now to avoid spoilers.

Caleb has visions, which is excellent; it makes him unique and sets up an exciting premise. It is great actually. However, then he meets Darla, the girl from his visions. It turns out she has some ESP abilities as well. Not only that, it turns out that she is his long-lost twin sister. Not only that but her godfather used to date his godmother, knows his dad who has never been there his entire life, and they are all part of this subrace of people descendant of “angels.” It was just a lot of clichés, many coincidences, leading the novel into a predictable premise that did not leave much room for imagination for the readers and it ultimately makes the novel boring because it is not like these are all spaced out, they are mashed together into two chapters.

Ultimately it would have worked out better if the author and the editor had decided to space out all of this to spread out the tension and pace of the novel because it ultimately falls flat. Cramming that much into the book all at once it does not leave much room for tension to rise, for dynamics to bloom, or for the reader to be entertained. It is hard to be delighted when something is so incredibly predictable.

It is always disheartening to read a novel and not enjoy it, to try so hard to find something worthwhile to say but with The Channeler, unfortunately, there was not much [for me] to enjoy. (★★☆☆☆)

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