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A Study on the Human Experience: Review of ‘Warm Bodies’ – Emertainment Monthly

‘Warm Bodies’ is a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance about a zombie rediscovering his humanity in a funny, captivating twist on the Romeo and Juliet story.


A Sci-Fi Adventure That Needs a Spark | Review of The Revenge of Seven (Lorien Legacies, #5) – 954 Nation

Shifting from several point of views, The Revenge of Seven builds a strong and wonderful story packed with adventure and story as the moves forward and follows these various characters as they move on from the tragic events of the last book. The team, separated with no way of contacting one another, each chapter shows events across the globe as they happen, tying the characters together as well as the story.

A Tricky Novel | Review of ‘Conversion’ – 954 Nation

A novel that takes two timelines to bring to life the Salem Witch Trials in a modern age as young girls begin to suffer a mysterious illness. Conversion has a brilliant execution and presents a very good plot line. The only downside is the sacrifice Howe makes in regards to character dynamics.