New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Coming In Front Of The Avengers

BLOGGERS NOTE: DC in front Marvel?? Oh well, who cares, I get a full Batman trailer!! Woohoo!!

By: Katey Rich

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Coming In Front Of The Avengers image

Right now The Avengers is sucking up pretty much all of the excitement for summer movies, with the May 4 release date coming so fast and an endless marketing campaign that guarantees you’ll never stop thinking about it. But of course, the summer is crammed with movies that have people excited, probably none bigger than The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy about which we know… well, almost nothing. But now that The Avengers seems willing to share a little bit of its buzz, we might be ready to learn a little bit more about the latest Batman adventure.

The fan site Nolan Fans dug up some information from the Warner Bros. exhibitor services site, listing The Dark Knight Rises as one of the trailers that will run in front of The Avengers opens on May 4– with one for regular screenings and one for IMAX. If it seems weird to see the Marvel Universe of The Avengers make room for the DC-based Batman, remember that the trailer for The Dark Knight played in front of Iron Man in 2008. Apparently the ability to reach out to your exact audiences trumps any loyalty to comics universes.

Comic fans probably don’t need much extra incentive to see The Avengers on opening weekend, but the promise of a new Dark Knight Rises trailer sure doesn’t hurt. Now we just have to hope that an official version of the trailer goes online relatively soon after, since there’s nothing more frustrating than a whole stream of bootlegged copies going online, when you’re really just dying to see the real deal. Regardless of when it comes, though, we’ll have that official trailer to you as soon as possible.

Source: Cinema Blend

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